First Dealblock Graduate

In the series #GraduationChamps ” at The Hague University of Applied Sciences this is a remarkable story. @Luke van Harskamp has researched financing strategies for his graduation assignment, which also include new digital infrastructures using #blockchain technology. For example, business philosophy and market forces play a major role in the choice of strategy. He did this research in addition to his 2nd and 3rd year courses, with a 9.7 (A+) as the end result. In order to graduate summa cum laude in just over two years (!!). A new construction for @IFMC, the international variant of Finance & Control.
How does an IFMC student get to do this? For the #Blockchain minor, Luke has already done two projects at @Dealblock, an innovative project that deals with new forms of financing via a blockchain infrastructure. After which @Roberto Pisano asked him to do his graduation assignment there as well. Luke liked the mix of innovation, strategy and finance. He has learned even more to think “out of the box” and to involve digital possibilities in the strategic choices. His tip for other students: really choose something that you find interesting and set a good schedule first.
#HYF #futureproof #dehaagsehogeschool # business economics #DLT

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